Venecija - 13.02.2010. 072.jpg

Hello, guys! Today I want to share with you an amazing feeling of Carnival in Venice, Italy… so much different costumes, masks and fun people that you wouldn’t believe it… people walking around Venice with their costumes and taking pictures with all the other tourist that passing by… in that crowd, I managed to capture some stunning shots and now I have a chance to show you, so let’s go and find out how Carnival in Venice looks like…:)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAvenecija-13-02-2010-005venecija-13-02-2010-047venecija-13-02-2010-058venecija-13-02-2010-061venecija-13-02-2010-083venecija-13-02-2010-096venecija2venecija-13

So, as you can see this day was a bit foggy, but still, the pictures are good and now when you had the opportunity to see and live a bit of a Venice, came the interesting part…and that is the Venetian gondola…the perfect romantic ride that you can imagine, and special by night…


And for the end, I give you the luxury and diversity of incredible colourful costumes and masks in Venice…you can see for yourself how this amazing feeling look like, to take pictures, talk and hang out with this people…let’s go…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAvenecija-13-02-2010-019venecija-13-02-2010-023venecija-13-02-2010-024venecija-13-02-2010-031venecija-13-02-2010-070venecija-13-02-2010-105venecija-13-02-2010-107venecija-13-02-2010-115venecija-13-02-2010-118venecija-13-02-2010-122venecija-13-02-2010-123venecija-13-02-2010-133venecija-13-02-2010-146

I now it’s a lot of pictures, but I couldn’t say no for some of them because they were so beautiful and amazing…to see all of them how to talk to people and reaction of the people is indescribably…this lady on the window it so special and I think she is waiting for her Princ Charming to come and take her away:) 

And for the end, I left my favourite picture with this speechless stunning lady in blue


Hope you like the Venice post…I had so much fun being there…

Love, Roberta


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