Hello, Monday! the first day of the week it’s always the most difficult one, am I  not right?It’s always hard to wake up in the morning to go to work after you had such a good weekend, but it’s simply like that and we have to do it…

I enjoy this weekend so much that I’m very happy to wake up this Monday morning…in just a little more time comes the spring when everything goes crazy of the colours and everything wakes up… the city of Stuttgart, Germany make that too…so in the next few pictures I give you my look of this city…we walked around the city with the sunny weather and watching people relaxing in the sun and living the life…let’s go…


In some small corner of Stuttgart, we had a chance to discover a little Chinese garden and s in our bad luck that was before the sun was up, so the pictures are a bit cloudy but still nice…this small garden is special because of his structure and interesting forms, but also in the second picture you can see the small spikes on the top of the wooden board and they are there so the birds wouldn’t damage the inscription…in that moment there was one special girl with her beautiful black dress, that I had the opportunity to take a picture of…so take a look…


In the near, it’s also one small lake called Feuersee in the middle of the town where people spending their time just walking around and enjoying the sun…the lake it’s not so pretty now, but the cathedral called Johanneskirche which stands there it’s so beautiful…in one moment it was funny to see the swan and the dog in the moment of their “talk”:)


And for the end of the day, we took some sweets in Starbucks to make that day, even more sweet…


Wish you all a good week…

Love, Roberta


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