Hello, March – the month of spring and life…everything it’s waking up and saying hello to the world…and what are you doing? what are your plans for this month?


As the Spring it’s almost here I can’t wait for better weather to come and to take my camera and go to make some crazy and nice shots…every year when march comes everyone starts to feel automatically better and more “alive”…spring wakes up this tiny little sparks in each one of us and make it shine even more…

March it’s one of the good months to travel and discover the world because the sun makes every places more beautiful than he usually is…brings you in another perspective…you need to prepare yourself for new adventures and more exciting things and more adrenaline that comes after…as for adventures, I need to reveal one of my March adventures…it’s called Glavani park the best adventure park in Istria, Croatia Adventure park…that’s one adrenalin park where you can also have a barbecue or spent your birthday with your family and friends…it’s so cool and interesting…you should definitely try when you visit Istria and you are up for some adventure and trying crazy stuff…we had so much fun and great time…



Have a good week all of you…

Love, Roberta


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