Hello to all the beautiful lady’s out there…I wish you all a happy woman’s day and I wish you all that you feel real good and not just today but every single day because you deserve it…

20170308_101940.jpgWoman, it’s a special person with a strong character and personality…every one of us it’s special in her own way, has her on beauty and has her own glow…we are all different in our own way, but we have one thing in common – WE ARE WOMAN… it doesn’t matter  where we come from, what culture we belong to, what are our traditions, in what we believe in, what matter is that we all have the same rights and that we deserve to be respected…

One woman has a lot of different roles in life:

  1. WOMAN – first we are the woman who needs to love yourself, believes in yourself and respects yourself and don’t let anyone ruin her happy bubble…we need to put ourselves in the first place and then everyone else come later…and never underestimate yourself…when we are satisfied and happy then others will be too…
  2. MOTHER – then we are a mum to our kids and it’s our role to love them, protect them, to raise them until they become a grown and good person, to take care of them every day for the rest of our life’s and give them everything they need and of course always be there for them…
  3. WIFE – we are the beauty to our beast… we need to make that person happy and be happy with that person…share everything together and feel the love together…and don’t allow to be hurt in the way because we deserve to be respected…
  4. TOCHTER – we are also are mum’s small Tochter and we will always be, it doesn’t matter how old are we…we need to appreciate our mums and give them all the love that we have just like she give us…
  5. FRIEND – one of the prettiest things, we are someone’s friend…a friend who can hear you, who is always there for you, who laughs with you, who go crazy with you and all the other things that one friend can do and be…

And we are also someone’s sister, aunt, niece, boss and all the other roles that we have during our lifes… yes, we can do that, because we are WOMAN and we know how to do it…so, for all the woman’s out ther…do not be afraid to love yourself and see yourself as you are, because each of us has her own beauty…17197909_10211804392563607_210060991_n.jpg

Look in the mirror and say to yourself: “I love you” and put a big smile on your face and enjoy it

Wish you all a good and happy day!

Love, Roberta



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