Every time when you ask: why should we take care our mother nature? the answer is: because she gives us the beauty in which we can enjoy and relax our body and soul…and in that why she creates beautiful national parks all over the world, and I present you on of them…the incredible Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia


This place is so incredible that takes your breath away… all the amount of waterfalls that you can see and admire it’s something unique to experience



And then when you thought that you’ve seen it all, comes the part where you are allowed to swim and enjoy this perfection…but also wherever you walk, around you are small waterfall where you can cool down a bit from the heat…except for the waterfalls, the nature itself leave you speechless… and when you are so tired of walking around and looking at all the nature like we were, park give you a place where you can rest and eat…so don’t think twice and go visit this beautiful place in Croatia…


Now I’m done talking, it’s your turn to see it for yourself and enjoy…you won’t regret it…:)

Love, Roberta



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