Hello, guys! It’s been a while that I wrote something, but I was busy and didn’t have time to write something…but, I’m back!                                                                                             Today question is: are you one of those people who like sport or you rather bake cookies at home?



Today when you watch TV or surf on a social media you can see a lot of people offering you different programs about losing weight…personally these programs are a bit extreme for the people and it doesn’t mather how you look like….I prefer something more natural and fun…something like biking, or nordic walking or running or any other sports that you can do in nature… In this way, you can enjoy sports activities, but still, have a lot of efficiency of losing weight…you can be with your family and friends, it’s free and it’s outdoors…of course all of this type of sports activities depends on the weather but still it’s more fun and relaxing than the gym:)                                                               IMG_20170506_164101.jpgYesterday the weather was so good at me that we decided to take our bikes and go for a tour in the woods…I have to admit that I didn’t drive bike for a year, but with a good company and motivation I did it…we decided to climb the hill with bikes and it was pretty hard, but we still did it…it was interesting and crazy… It’s important that you have a good company to go with and big motivation and you can do it all…




In the other hand, you can be a type of person who likes more to stay at home and make cookies…it’s also one type of sports activity but with a bit more sugar:) it can also be interesting and fun, but you need to be careful that you don’t do it too much and too often…and that mean only careful because of you and not the others…if you like it, do it and enjoy it… for myself I can say that I love doing both, but sports activities are for me a bit more interesting and I do it every time when I can and when the weather allow me…Today the weather it so bad that I decide to do a bit of backing, so I made some Nutella muffins so today we can be a bit cosy:)


It really doesn’t matter what type are you, what matter is that you enjoy it and feel good about yourself…so listen to your heart and just be happy with yourself and your life…

But, I still leave you with the question: which type are you?

Love, Roberta


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