Well, guys, this week was interesting… we had a few days free at work so we decided to take a most of it…after morning breakfast we went out because of the weather it was so crazy warm and sunny…so, after a long time of thinking we decided for one crazy adventure that we weren’t prepared to…the start looked like this…we thought…no way that we can go up there, but we know it that up there is some crazy party so we finally decided to do it… and it wasn’t for nothing, believe me…


When you look it from the bottom up you think that it’s impossible and pretty hard, but…


After 6km of walking up the hill in the sun and seeing some interesting thing on the way, we come to the place who gives you a view like this one…then you just need to sit down and that a deep breath and enjoy this beautiful nature…but that wasn’t the end…this was just a short break to take some pictures and we continue up the hill…we were halfway…:)




After a few photos, we continue our journey up the hill….and finally, we arrived…up was a crazy party with barbeque…so now can the party started…:)


It was great and we had so much fun… for the end, I took some cold and so good ice cream for refreshing the day…


This was my weekend, how does your weekend look like?Can you tell me some of you adventures? 🙂

Love, Roberta


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